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Designing logos doesn’t have to be a hellish ride.

Rather, it should be a fun, delightful process. The 5-50-25 Rule empowers you to design better logos in less time, while also helping you to enjoy the process and grow through it.

Tired of staying stuck?

After speaking to many of you—the graphic designer and business owner—
I concluded you have the following problems while designing logos:
Hey, don’t worry! It's okay to feel exactly what you're feeling. Working through countless hours honing on a system, the logo design process I will share with you not only will eliminate your problems, but it will also be an enjoyable experience for you.

Eliminate the idea of clients from hell!

No more guesses.

With a good logo design process, feel empowered to understand their requirements from the beginning.

Staying Stuck-Free.

Staying stuck results in frustration and blaming others. Learn to stay organized while designing your logos.

Be a mind-reader.

Think like a strategist. Know how to understand your clients so you logo design with ease.

Getting started with the system.

In this course, you'll learn:





Hours of video content accompanied by transcript.


Guided worksheets and templates to follow along.

Designing a system that makes logo designing enjoyable.

Although one of the best art schools in the US, Art Center College of Design, taught me a lot about design, it didn’t teach me the practicalities of the real world. Initially, I faced the same issues that you face now.

A road block I often faced was assuming what my clients needed. Through out the 10 years of my logo designing experience, I kept improving my process and system to where I believe analyzing my client’s brand story and their long term goals can lead to a desirable and timeless logo.

Since I was once in your shoes, I know all about the anxiety. It’s why I’m sharing with you my process or 5-50-25 Rule as my result of perfecting this process throughout the years. I want you to be assured that I am truly capable of guiding you as you discover or rediscover the joy of designing logos.

Is the 5-50-25 Rule course for you?

As much as I would like all logo designers to sign up for this course, I know in my heart that this isn’t meant for everyone. I have poured in lessons worth 10 years into the ‘5-50-25 Rule’ and some of these require hard work and determination. Anything less than that and it won’t work!

This course is for you if you are:

This course is for you if you want to:

But is this course meant for YOU? If you have the following responses to the objections given below, then you can be assured that I built the ‘5-50-25 Rule’ for YOU.

I don’t have time and money:

It won’t work for me:

It won’t work for me:

This course is not for you if you want to:

5-50-25 Rule

Sketch logo designs and concepts with ease.​​

Video Course

$ 149
  • Lifetime access and updates to the 5-50-25 Rule Course.
  • 9 units consisting of over 40 lessons.
  • 7 in-depth downloadable worksheets.
  • Bonus: Guided lessons on presenting to clients
  • Bonus: Basic lessons on colors and typography.

Frequently Asked Questions

Good question! I guide you on conceptualizing your logo sketches instead of the technical and minute details.

Not at all! This course focuses on leveling up your design system purposefully and efficiency. It’s recommended you know the elements and principles of design before you begin.

Though its recommended you use your previous clients to get a grasp for this course, you may choose to use a company you would like to work with. The downside is you may need to use fake data on their business.

If you follow along the course and implement what I teach, then yes! I can teach you! I’ll guide you step-by-step on how you get to reach your 50 sketches.